summer hairMuch as we love it, hot weather can play havoc with your hair. By being outdoors in the sun or sunbathing you are bound to lose some of the vibrancy of your colour and hair can become very dry and brittle. But don’t worry, because you can do something about it.

First of all, if your hair already needs some TLC before you take a summer break then make that appointment. A new summer colour, trimming off any split ends and a treatment will set your hair up ready for the sunshine.

Then you can take steps to protect your hair from sun damage. Using a shampoo that’s designed to protect your hair colour and the condition of your hair is a good start. You can add moisture back into your hair using conditioner or an after sun hair treatment. When you sunbathe updos and wraps can protect the ends of your hair which are the most at risk from sun damage.

Before you head outside, as well as putting suncream on your skin, don’t forget to spritz your hair with a UV spray to protect your hair too.

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