System PWe’ve just launched the new System Professional hair care range. Products are on display in the salon, right here at Jo Morden Hair Design.

You’ll love the result

These products have been formulated for hair that’s full of energy, yet still easy to manage. It’s all down to some clever new hair technology, from the scientists at Wella. They’ve designed hair care products from shampoos to masks, with a careful balance of ingredients to transform your hair. So you can enjoy hair that’s less static and less frizzy, with lashings of shine and oodles more bounciness.

Interested in the science bit?

It’s all in the formula! Natural lipids, help to reinforce and replenish the hair cells. Histidine repairs the natural protein structure of the hair and protects against damage. Caffeine increases the blood circulation and keeps the root of the hair energized. While vitamin B3 amide enhances the scalp’s moisture balance for healthy hair growth.

Pop into the salon to browse the display of System Professional products.

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