5Here’s a quick list from the team at Jo Morden Hair Design. We really believe regular hair appointments will give you the best results. Check out our thinking:

1. Proper hair care

Hair looks at its best with regular care and maintenance. Trimming your hair regularly is essential to manage hair growth and promote the health of your hair.

2. You’re in control

When you book ahead, you can make your appointment when it’s the most convenient for you, with one of the stylists you prefer. That way you’ll enjoy the experience more.

3. Ever-ready style

Short hair styles benefit from the most frequent cuts to retain their salon-perfect shape. But even if you’re growing your hair, regular deep-conditioning treatments are vital in between cuts for a manageable style.

4. Relationships matter

Your favourite stylist knows your preferences, the hair care routine you follow at home and importantly, how to bring out the best in your hair. All our stylists are happy to give you helpful hair advice.

5. Constant colour

You can boost your colour, cover unwanted greys and banish unruly roots with regular appointments timed to suit the rate at which your hair grows.

Some of our clients like to book several appointments at once, whilst others simply make sure they book their next appointment before they leave the salon. Your stylist can advise you how frequently you should visit the salon to maintain your personal cut, colour and hair care regime.

Just call 01763 272131 to schedule your next appointment.