There are times when you might turn to a box of hair colour and hope that everything will be OK. But in general, these DIY hair dyes are very harsh on your hair and the colour is far from natural too. So, if your DIY dye really doesn’t work for you, just pick up the phone and book a colour-rescue appointment.

Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

“No one better in this country to sort out your own DIY mess or salon mess than the gorgeous ladies of Jo Morden Hair Design. I’ve had salons literally destroy my hair in the past. Jo made it all disappear with no stress and pure professionalism.” 

This plucky customer rescued her unhappy, home-coloured hair, with a stunning salon hair colour.

Before hair colour is far too dark and monochrome, and the condition of the hair is poor making hair hard to manage.

After the colour is warm, rich, multi-tonal and natural-looking. What’s more, those lovely long locks are in better condition too.

Say goodbye to DIY dye – call 01763 272131 for an appointment.