As a Master Colour Expert, Jo was invited to spent time at Wella, experimenting in the lab. These specialist sessions mean that our know-how stays at the leading edge of hair design.

Back at the salon we’re just loving all that science! By grasping this technical knowledge, Jo Morden Hair Design is able to help you with all your hair care issues from colour to condition. So, if you have a hair problem you know who to ask.

Did you know…?

The main component of hair is a protein called Keratin (80%) followed by water (10-15%) and pigment, lipids and minerals.

Each strand of hair has three layers, the inner medulla, the cortex and the outer layer known as the cuticle.

The cortex governs hair texture and curls so hair colour and relaxers must reach this layer to be effective.

The appearance and condition of hair depends largely on the health of the outer protective cuticle.

Hair colour depends upon your mix of brown-black eumelanin pigments and red-yellow pheomelanin pigments; in general, the more eumelanin present, the darker the hair.

When hair turns grey or white this new colour is in reality a lack of colour as the melanin pigment reduces for grey hair or is completely absent for white hair.

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