Fancy a colour lift? Ombrés are easy to manage with graduated colour from root to tip. But even with that longevity, this client’s ombré was past its best. Our stylist Lucy updated the look with a subtle balayage. So proud of this sophisticated colour transformation.

What’s the difference?

An ombré is achieved by lightening hair in layers using foils, with hair lighter towards the ends.

There are variations on this with sombrés – subtle ombrés which blend higher up – and reverse ombrés – which are light at the roots and dark at the tips.

Balayage is a technique where hair is hand-painted in a sweep from root to tip resulting in a natural, layered and sun-kissed look.

Both colour effects have impact and are easy to maintain.

Before the visit, hair was coloured in a graduated ombré that had seen better days. After, hair was coloured and restyled to look vibrant with a soft balayage.

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