It’s great to have an exciting event on the horizon. Whether it’s a garden party, special day out or a wedding, you’ve probably already thought what you’d like to wear and maybe shopped for something special. But how will you style your hair to complete your summertime look?

Prom? Party? Wedding? The races?

Whatever your summertime gathering, we’re ready to make it extra special with our hair styling service. Our stylists can do amazing things, styling hair to frame your face in the most flattering way.

Updo or new hairdo?

The Jo Morden Hair Design team recently took part in a styling masterclass held at Wella World Studios London. Legendary hairdresser, Patrick Cameron helped the team tap into their creativity. We’re chock-full of West End style ideas. Just tell us what the occasion is, and let us provide you with an inspirational look.

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